KICK Advisory Services: the privileged partner that offers a new

KICK Advisory Services: the privileged partner that offers a new

While the whole world is talking about the economic crisis, some professionals have the audacity to step out of their comfort zone to launch a boutique consulting firm aimed at helping Mauritian companies in these unprecedented times of turbulence. Led by two well-known professionals from the world of finance, Pierre Marrier d'Unienville and Afsar Ebrahim, KICK Advisory Services specializes in financial advice and support for companies in all spheres of the Mauritian economy. whether they are in good financial health or in great distress. The firm's main mission is to offer the best possible financial solutions to keep businesses afloat and help them prosper.

“ KICK Advisory Services is a project that was born after a long period of reflection, market analysis and discussions with many leaders.  KICK offers specially tailored financial and managerial solution strategies to enable our clients to optimize their resources in an efficient and systematic way,”  explains Afsar Ebrahim, Director and Founding Partner of KICK Advisory Services. “  Our services are all the more appropriate in the midst of the gigantic crisis that we are currently going through, at a time when the global economy is facing many uncertainties and when  liquidity problems have almost become the norm within many industries. In the present context, it seemed even more important to us to add our stone to the building of economic reconstruction and to support CEOs in obtaining results ”, he adds.

Close to its customers and fundamentally devoted to providing them with all the most effective tools, the KICK Advisory Services team, whose offices are located in Ebène, combines decades of experience in the field of financial advisory services. With a passionate and fully dedicated client development team, KICK Advisory Services advocates a muscular and bold approach to the new dynamics of this changing and volatile economic landscape. This is also the reason why the firm was baptized KICK, in the sense that it seeks to bring a dynamic, a new edge to companies.

“ We don't do half measures ,” says Afsar Ebrahim. “  With the new international situation, we believe that having audacity, determination and an iron will are essential assets to overcome obstacles. KICK is not primarily intended to simply allow its customers to survive; we want them to prosper, to shine in this new economic and social environment that we are discovering a little more every day .”

Services offered include valuations, mergers and acquisitions advice, fundraising advice, corporate working capital advice, strategic advice and corporate restructuring services. KICK thus proposes to support business leaders in truly shaping their business strategies. 

Each client will thus be given the concoction of a series of measures specially designed and adapted to their needs, measures which will be followed by constant support during the implementation of each stage. Excellence in service and the development of a close and trusting relationship with each client are indeed the company's top priorities. “ The watchword is  'Putting the Client First'  and that's no coincidence, since the development of our company will depend entirely on that of our clients' businesses ”, maintains Pierre Marrier d'Unienville.

With strong values ??such as commitment, passion, integrity and honesty, without forgetting a certain personal touch, KICK Advisory Services aims to become an essential entity in Mauritius and elsewhere. With strong networks in Dubai, Africa and India, the firm indeed offers expansion solutions to companies wishing to establish themselves in these regions and attract investors to the region.

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