Axis Cognito Business Leadership Lessons we can learn from Football

Axis Cognito Business Leadership Lessons we can learn from Football

At Axis, we have always placed a high priority on the exchange of knowledge, considering it a fundamental aspect of our identity. In line with our dedication to supporting professional growth, we are delighted to extend an invitation to you for the upcoming Axis Cognitio event.

This event oers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of the intricacies within the global business industry. In this engaging session, Mr. Ebrahim will delve into the world of football, exploring the strategies, teamwork dynamics, and psychological aspects that contribute to winning games.

He will draw parallels between the art of football and successful business leadership. Through thought-provoking anecdotes and engaging stories, participants will gain valuable insights into how to inspire and motivate teams, make strategic decisions, foster eective communication, and adapt to changing circumstances.

Discover how their principles can be applied to drive success in the corporate arena. We are hoping that on this journey, the spirit of Football meets the art of leadership!

Mr. Ebrahim is the founding partner of KICK Advisory Services with over a quarter century of experience in Corporate Restructuring, Litigation Support, Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategy and Financial Consulting and Fund Raising to clients across a wide spectrum of industries both locally and internationally.

He previously served as Deputy Group Managing Partner of the largest professional services firm in Sub Saharan Africa- BDO in Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Seychelles.

Having been part of the network, he completed the BDO Global Partners Leadership Programme in 2016. Prior to his tenure at BDO, Mr. Ebrahim served as Manager Corporate & Investment Banking at HSBC Mauritius during which he was trained in Hong Kong and Singapore by HSBC in Corporate Lending Analysis and Applied Credit lending.

He also occupied the post of Group Finance Manager at British American Investment Group (BAI). Mr. Ebrahim is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, prize winner in professional exam (PE 1) and was granted the Corporate Finance qualification from ICAEW in December 2006.