Afsar Azize Abdulla Ebrahim, Mauritius: East Africa is set to Attract Investors

Afsar Azize Abdulla Ebrahim, Mauritius: East Africa is set to Attract Investors

Having served as a Group Deputy Managing Partner at an global accounting firm, Afsar Azize Abdulla Ebrahim has now based a boutique consulting firm, KICK Advisory Services, born out of his 30 years of enjoy within side the monetary advisory field. We spoke with him to apprehend what prompted him to begin this venture, so as to probably show to be a brilliant pillar of help for corporations which are searching out specialized companions to enhance their liquidity and restructure their stability sheets to obtain an appropriate stability among debt and fairness in a context after COVID-19. In addition, with its substantial enjoy running with nations in East Africa, Afsar Azize abdulla Ebrahim notes that KICK is in a completely unique marketplace function to assist customers make bigger into those developing economies, which might be properly located to draw the finest hobby from traders overseas.


1. What prompted you to begin KICK Advisory Services?


There become an opening within side the marketplace that required a specialized organization that provided differentiated answers that created price for shareholders. Mauritius, as an IFC of substance, wishes greater professionals to make bigger carrier services to global customers. Furthermore, the cutting-edge volatility within side the financial surroundings approach that CEOs want lots greater targeted help to meet their agenda. All of those elements prompted the introduction of KICK Consulting Services.


2. What is the variety of answers that KICK Advisory Services gives within side the vicinity of ??company finance?


We provide the subsequent answers within side the vicinity of ??company finance:



  • Assessment
  • M & A Advisory
  • Collection
  • Working capital requirements
  • Strategic consulting
  • commercial enterprise restructuring offerings



3. Do you suspect the cutting-edge context of volatility and uncertainty that corporations face - with liquidity and coins glide problems unluckily turning into the norm - requires a extra emphasis on company finance and restructuring answers in particular?

The cutting-edge volatility and absence of visibility pressure corporations to awareness on their financing. Obviously, there may be a liquidity disaster that could be a short-time period challenge, however the fashionable weather justifies a holistic method to an finest capital structure. This calls for a cautious evaluation of the value of fairness in terms of the value of debt, even greater so for the reason that the value of debt is presently at its lowest level. However, the monetary danger related to debt stays as excessive because it ever become because of strict regulations. Hence the want for an wise method to fairness, given the trade-off among value of fairness and value of dilution.


4.The logo name 'KICK Advisory' conveys a experience of dynamism, with 'Make our clients sense proper' its company slogan. How will you make certain your organization offers in this dynamic and visionary slogan?


KICK is the enabler to score, the enabler to win and get results. The colors of the KICK mirror the colors of victory - it's miles no coincidence that our colors are much like the ones of the MAN United.

We make certain that our clients kick every different from proper to proper and we can make a tremendous distinction with our commitment, passion, integrity, honesty and in the end the personalized touch we deliver to all of our endeavors.


5. KICK Advisory will provide company finance answers for corporations trying to set up themselves in India, Dubai and Africa. What are the principle motives in the back of the point of interest on those 3 geographies?


We have an intensive community of sustainable know-how and marketplace enjoy in numerous continents. Therefore, we're properly located to accompany our customers as they make bigger their commercial enterprise, whether or not in Africa, India or Dubai. We are searching at global transactions and we firmly consider that inward funding in Africa could be accelerated. There is lots of capital to be had with price range positioned in Dubai and specializing in Africa, and we intend to take benefit of those price range.


6. In particular, with Africa being one of the few areas globally to were by hook or by crook spared the worst of the COVID-19 disaster, courtesy of its adolescents demographic dividend, how is KICK Advisory Services positioning itself to attain companies throughout the continent?


Afsar Azize abdulla Ebrahim Consulting historical past has been particularly in East Africa and it's miles an surroundings so one can appeal to brilliant hobby from overseas traders. Therefore, KICK has been located thru its strategic alliances to capture those opportunities, leveraging this strong community.


7.Finally, what could be the principle insights you would really like to proportion with corporations which are suffering with coins flows and thinking about hiring professionals to help them at the company finance front?


First, suffering corporations have to now no longer hesitate to put money into getting the offerings of expert advisors with enjoy in turnaround. The cutting-edge state of affairs calls for a extraordinary mind-set in order that we will provide you with revolutionary answers.


Furthermore, no commercial enterprise operates in a vacuum and with Mauritius being an export-orientated economy, whether or not of products or offerings, it's miles vital that customers and experts are properly aware about the global context.


Finally, the ones suffering have to awareness on deleveraging their stability sheets and, although it approach dilution, so be it, because it will create lots higher price within side the future. The way to a lot of present day demanding situations is fairness as opposed to debt. We should preserve in thoughts that most effective the nation can borrow with out limits, as it may constantly print cash as a ultimate resort, a privilege now no longer to be had to corporations.